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Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana is comprised of talented and knowledgeable team members who's ultimate goal is to offer mortgage financing programs and terms most suitable to our borrower's needs.  We are committed to delivering prompt, exceptional service without compromising integrity.

Lawanda Jackson - Owner/Sr. Mortgage Loan Originaor

Lawanda Jackson

Owner/Branch Manager/Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator

Lawanda has 15+ years of experience as a mortgage loan originator and 9+ years as a Branch Manager.  She has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of real estate and has compassion for her borrowers.  Lawanda has worked under various mortgage financing institutions in which she has taken away key elements regarding "what to do" and "what not to do" when operating a mortgage company and servicing borrowers' financing needs.  Lawanda is sensitive to the needs and requirements of her borrowers and real estate colleagues.  Lawanda has your best interest in mind at all times and will work on your behalf to offer exceptional service.  She's looking forward to seeing YOU at the closing table!


Heather Freeman

Mortgage Loan Originator

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Tika Morrison

Lead Processor

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Turn Key Mortgage (TKM) of Louisiana is a locally owned and operated mortgage company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  TKM was created by Lawanda Jackson, a Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator with over 15 years of experience originating loans in the states of Louisiana and Alabama.  (Texas, Georgia and Mississippi coming soon).  Lawanda’s vision of TKM was to expeditiously move clients from initial submission to the closing table in as little as 15 business days.  This is accomplished at TKM by having direct control, management and access to all mortgage loans and implementing in-house processing.  Knowing what it takes to get a file to closing is an element that TKM prides itself on!

Will we see YOU at the closing table!?

Our Goal

Our Goal is to make every client contact a pleasurable and stress-free experience.  Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana accomplishes this by taking away the stress of purchasing or refinancing your home.  Additionally, TKM maintains an open line of communication and promptness with our real estate colleagues.  We are your Mortgage Financing Gurus!  Let our team fight and work on your behalf!  We are a knowledgeable and dedicated team that takes pleasure in serving you.  We all share a common goal:  to celebrate our accomplishments at the closing table!  See you there!

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