We are Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana

Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana, LLC is a mortgage concierge brokerage firm located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and licensed to offer mortgage financing solutions to the entire state of Louisiana.  The staff combined has over 20  years of experience in Residential and Commercial Financing.  TKM of LA was created to extend mortgage financing to unique borrowers without the added restrictions that banks and institutions may enforce.  As a locally owned and operated company, TKM of LA eliminates the overhead costs associated with mortgage financing resulting in a much sweeter deal for our clients!  TKM of LA offers flexible underwriting guidelines while remaining competitive with local banks and other mortgage brokerage firms.

Meet the Team

The staff of Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana, LLC has over 20 years experience in Residential and Commercial Financing.

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Lawanda Jackson

CEO/Sr. Mortgage Loan Consultant

Lawanda is the CEO of Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana, LLC. Jackson served as a Mortgage Loan Consultant for over 19 years and a Branch Manager for 10+ years.  Jackson is a dedicated servant to her local community and prides herself in educating her clients on the essentials of mortgage financing.  She has learned what works best for her unique borrowers, partnered with top lenders and developed a system that allows loan closures averaging 10 business days.

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Our Goal

TKM of LA's goal is to service every borrower equally and presenting mortgage financing solutions specific to their needs.  We possess the knowledge to equip our borrowers and real estate professionals with the assistance, tools, resources and recommendations required to facilitate a successful closing!  TKM of LA prides ourself with providing superior customer service and accessibility around the clock.  What bank does that!?  Whether you're ready to explore financing options to begin your quest to purchase a new home or refinance your existing home today or several months from now, we are here to see you through!

Let's get started

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