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Conventional financing is a loan option for all borrowers including investors.  TKM of LA offers several Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs such as HomeReady (down payment as little as 3%),  TKM of LA offers a great High Balance loan program for borrowers purchasing a home over the county limit with reduced down payment and NO MI Requirement!  Borrowers can also obtain Conventional financing as a new construction loan.



VA is a guaranteed loan program that offers 100% financing for veterans to obtain home financing.  TKM of LA offers this program as a standard fixed rate, renovation, JUMBO and new construction loans to veterans.











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Are you an Investor looking to acquire properties outside of the traditional means such as tax returns, W2s, etc.?  TKM of LA offers a Debt Service Coverage Ratio loan program may be the option for you!  This program allows our Investors to finance up to 20 properties by utilizing the porperty's monthly rental income to qualify.  We have four different loan options allowing loans as little as $50,000 and as high as $2 million!






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FHA is a low down payment loan option with flexible underwriting guidelines.  TKM of LA offers FHA financing for borrowers occupying the home as their primary residence as a new purchases or refinance.  We offer FHA programs such as renovation loans, new construction and special loans to disaster victims.  Down Payment Assistance is available for this program.



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New Construction (Single Close)

TKM of LA offers a new construction product as a Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA loan option.  This program is also offered to Investors!!!  Borrowers have the option of purchasing their land in addition to financing the construction of their new home or building on the land that they currently own. This program only requires our borrowers to obtain approval one time in which the new construction and permanent loan is secured in a single closing hence the name "One-Time/Single" Close!



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         HELOC            (Home Equity Line of Credit)

TKM of LA offers two HELOC options:  1- HELOC Standalone option allow borrowers to withdraw equity out of their current home without refinancing their existing mortgage balance.  This option is for those looking to maintain their current interest rate on their primary mortgage and 2- HELOC Piggyback option is financed with the purchase of a new home as a 2nd or simultaneous close HELOC.

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This no down payment required program is a guaranteed rural housing loan program that offers mortgage financing for homes in rural areas.  This loan has income limitations that cannot exceed state and local Rural Development median income limits.  The property must be deemed rural by RD.  TKM of LA offers the RD program as a new purchase, refinance, renovation and new construction loan.


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Bank Statements

TKM of LA offers a bank statement program that allows self- employed borrowers to purchase a home without the
use of the traditional tax returns to include Schedule C, etc. This option allows the self employed borrower
to provide their bank statements to determine their average monthly income. This product usually requires a
larger down payment of at least 10%.






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Down Payment Assistance (DPA)

TKM of LA offers several DPA products to choose from!  Some products offer a forgiveable 2nd loan after x amount of years of payment or a totally forgivable option at closing.  Having multiple options allows TKM of LA to tailor the DPA option to the needs of our borrowers.  Contact us today to learn more about which DPA product best suits your needs!






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Whether it's new construction or an existing home; a new purchase or refinance; Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana has many loan options that offers flexible underwriting guidelines to our clients.  Our team is ready to serve you!

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